Thank you!!

Today I want to stop and reflect on the crazy good Health Journey I’ve been thru for the past few months and Thank YOU, my clients, my followers, my mentors, my employees and all the amazing people I’ve met and have help me one way or the other.

Reflecting one year back I was desperate, I didn’t have a job, my husband has just lost his job due to Covid and we had bills to pay and three kids to feed.

I had a project and a goal to help people improve their health thru the food they eat. Show them how much of an impact food has on our bodies and our lives. I was going to teach cooking classes and empower them with the knowledge to change their lives as I had done with mine.

But COVID cut my wings and people were isolated on their own houses, stressed out because of the pandemic, I was not the only one panicking… lol, and not willing to take live classes.

That’s when a friend of mine suggested I started teaching kids, it was summer and I could teach small groups of kids that live in the same neighborhood, or from the same family.

I loved the idea and from one week to the other the summer camp was planned. I started making some calls and my “Travelling Summer Camp” was booked right away for most of the summer.

Then kids went back to school virtually and I started offering “Healthy Lunchboxes for Kids” to help parents deal with the different lunch schedules and adjusting to the new routine.

Kids Loved the food and Parents were very happy with the service and the help to feed their kids while working from the house.

They were so happy that they started sharing about my meals with their friends and family and one of those friends asked me to start cooking Healthy Meals for her and a couple of friends.

And the rest is history, one week I had 3 clients, then 15, then 20, 30 .. we started making 15 meals a week 8 months ago and now we are up to 350 meals… what can I say.. Thank you!!!

Thank you to all those that showed up on my journey, that gave me advice, that put me in touch with others, that referred our services.
Thank you to my employees that have help me build the business and produce High Quality Gourmet Healthy Meals. Thank you for their spirit, for the fun we have while working! For letting me be part of their lives and contribute back to them.

Thank you to my family that has supported me unconditionally, the ones that live far and the ones that have to deal with me on a daily basis.. lol .. it’s not that bad I promise.. lol but they have been very patient and really helpful during all this process.

Thank you to my mentors and to the Women on my Coaching Program that have also supported me unconditionally and help me analyze the good, the bad, deal with the growing pains, adjust, start all over, tweak here and there.

I feel blessed for having so many people I can count on, for their love, for their ears, their shoulders, their Kleenex.. lol.. nobody said it would be easy.. but it has been completely worth it.

I am very proud of my journey, proud of myself for taking some risks, for learning to believe in me and take a leap of faith to start this Crazy Healthy Journey when everything around me was falling apart.
This shows that when you have a goal and a purpose The Universe opens the flood gates and starts sending you what you need to support you on your journey.

when you help others you help yourself.
When you teach others, you learn from them.
When you allow yourself to receive, you are giving others a chance to Give and fulfill their own destiny.

So THANK YOU… Thank you… Thank you… More please!!

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