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My favorite place has been always the kitchen!!

Since I was little, back in Uruguay, I used to play with my Grandma and pretend I was making the same dishes she was cooking using all kind of little pots and pans. All the neighbors would come by and praise “my soup” and tell me what a great job I was doing by the smell of my grandma’s dishes.

Since then, the kitchen is my favorite place and I feel very happy and complete when I am cooking.

There is something special and comforting about feeding people not only with food but love and happiness as well. And we had plenty of that around the dining table and the kitchen when I was growing up.

In my teenager years I began making sweets for friends and family and it became a business for me.

In my late 20s I moved to the US following the love of my life and even when I was working in Corporate I continued to make sweets for my friends and family.

I went back to culinary school and after earning my degree in Pastry Arts I worked in a few very well-known hotels, The Ritz Carlton in South Beach, Fontainebleau Miami Beach and the Turnberry Isles in Aventura. They all had beautiful kitchens, I met great people along the way, but there was always something missing and that didn’t feel right.

After a few years of the Hotel Pastry Life I found myself in a road fork having to choose between long hours making pastries and my family and of course I chose the family. But I still found a way to stay in the kitchen by becoming a Chef Instructor and teaching pastry classes.

Veronica Mauri
Veronica Mauri
Founder of Chef Veronica
Veronica Mauri

In another one of those life turns I came across a healthy cooking school called “The Real Food Academy” and started teaching some Healthy Eating cooking classes.

That was when I realized the huge impact food has on our bodies and how we can prevent and revert dis-eases by consuming the right foods.

That changed my perspective about food and eating habits dramatically, and I started shifting my gears toward Holisitc Foods.

The results I experienced by eating the right food were excellent, I changed my mindset and as I adjusted my diet I started feeling more energetic, I lost some weight and all of a sudden my body was working much better and smoothly.

That is why now I dedicate my life to teach people the importance of eating Holistic Foods that will feed the mind, body and soul.

We have the power and capacity to have a Wonderful Life, to Feel Our Best and we can achieve that thru the food we eat.

We are constantly bombarded by the media and advertising campaigns that lead us to a world of fast and processed food. That lifestyle is pushing us into a downward spiral that will only take us to the hospital, huge medical bills and tons of medicines and pills.

Instead, we can Use Food as Medicine and help our bodies prevent and cure dis-eases.

It sounds simple and IT IS very simple to achieve!!! We only have to adjust a few processes, twist some screws and once we start pumping in the right fuel to our bodies we are on a road to a Happy, Healthy and Joyful Life!

Veronica Mauri

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