Stress is part of our daily lives. We struggle with so many activities, so many requests, demands from our families, friends, jobs. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to live a happier life, to make everybody happy, to eat a healthy and balanced diet, but the day only has 24 hours and there is so much we can accomplish. And all this pressure is affecting they way we feel and may take us on a downward spiral to depression and dark times.

But what if we look at stress in a different way?

I recently shared a quote from Wayne Dyer that says “If you change the way you look at things, Things Change”‘ , check my previous posts for more on this quote.

When I am not clear on what path to take, I ask for guidance from the universe to show me the way and I start paying attention to those little details and reading between the lines and I always get an answer. So I’ve been asking friends, clients, how you deal with stress and some of you mentioned exercise, meditation, chats with friends. I’ve been also asking for my clients to share their comfort foods and one of my clients sent me a recipe by Anthony William, The Medical Medium. It’s a Sweet Potato Tortilla Soup that I will be offering next week.

Anthony William is a best seller author with a unique Gift to help people heal thru foods and natural medicine.

When my client Liz mentioned his recipe I remember years ago I bought one of his books “Life Changing Foods” and had not read it in a while. So I went back to the book and started to read it again, and there it was… a message about Stress and how to deal with it.

He suggests that instead of seeing stress as an adversary we could see it as a messenger and find out what it is trying to tell us.

And one would tend to look only at the negative side, but in reality stress is telling us that we are useful, that we have a purpose.

If we are stressed out to the max, feeling up against it, like pressure coming from every corner, then we are on the frontier of purpose, he says, and that demands a lot from us. Stress is not trying to kill us, is a master teacher trying to communicate with us..

The world is becoming something new and different. And we will only come out on the other side of this era of rebirth if we learn to recognize stress as an honor and to use it to our advantage.

If stress is there, we can appreciate and recognize it. Without stress, where would we be?

There would not be any challenge to inspire us, we would not have anything to strive for and life would grow boring.

Stress is a necessary part of existence. It’s what drives us to move forward, in all aspects of life.

Without stress, we would lose our will, because will is built upon constantly succeeding, rising above, and breaking through to the other side of stress.

The approach of seeing stress as a messenger, friend, teacher, mentor, body worker, and coach makes stress less stressful. It is a powerful technique to help us grow and adapt to the challenges of our time. When you feel sorry for stress, appreciate it, and recognize it as impermanent, it doesn’t send the same jolt of excess adrenaline through your veins—it doesn’t take the toll on your body that it would otherwise. So go ahead, watch what happens when you greet stress with this new perspective. I can’t wait for you to feel the relief.

-Anthony William, Life-Changing Foods

Staying sane is less about managing stress and more about interacting with it. Instead of trying to fight against stress, communicate with it. Welcome it it your table. Acknowledge it, offering honor and respect as thought is a coach who has moved in to get you in shape and you will get incredible results.


Based on the book “Life Changing Foods” by Anthony William

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