“Chef Veronica is very professional with a personal touch !! I highly recommend her for her healthy recipes !!”

Deepika S.

“I had a lot of health issues, from inflammation to pre diabetes, psoriasis and overweight.
By getting organized in the kitchen and learning key secrets on how to prep, I was able to eat homemade nutritious food on a daily basis. I gain more energy and clarity. I lost weight in a smooth and gradual way and gain confidence in the kitchen.”


“By learning how to cook and eat whole foods I was able to provide great nutrition to my family.
I now have happy kids that enjoy a healthy life. They are excited to eat a lot of different color food and they even help me create some of the meals. We avoid trips to the Dr. and unnecessary pains.
My family enjoys happy dinner nights and we learn together how all these ingredients are affecting our bodies.”


“Your culinary talents are amazing! Looks delicious”

Lisa V.

“Verónica, quiero darte unas gracias muy especiales. Me encantó tu clase, tienes el conocimiento y la habilidad para transmitirlo de una manera muy amena. Eres muy limpia, muy organizada, muy metódica. Tienes todos los elementos para llegarle a la gente. Me encanta como le pones especial importancia al color. Felicitaciones!!!”
“Veronica, I would like to share with you a very special Thank You note. I loved your class, you have the knowledge and the ability to transmit it in a very pleasant way. You are very clean, very organized, very methodical. You have all the elements to reach people and deliver a great message.
I love how you place special importance on color. Congratulations!!”


“Chef Veronica was recommended by a family member to cater a special event. I was very pleased with the overall experience. Her food was excellent, everyone enjoyed it. She was very professional and well organized. I would highly recommend Chef Veronica.”

Karen C.

“We have worked with Chef Veronica in many occasions. Every time, she is professional, clean and leaves us with delicious food to savor. We have tasted pies, made sushi and had numerous other delectable dishes. We highly recommend anyone wanting to be catered, taught or fed to use her services.”

Cristina S.

“I have been a picky eater since I was a kid. Most of my life I avoided certain ingredients that I “believed” I didn’t like and ate a very basic diet. That led me to develop some cholesterol and gain some weight.
Chef Veronica made me understand how important it is to eat a balanced diet and provide my body with all the nutrition found in whole ingredients.
She has opened my mind and expanded my horizons about food and the impact it has on the way I feel and the things I want to achieve.
By adding more vegetables and color to my diet and understanding I can eat everything I want in moderation, I was able to get rid of the cholesterol drugs and enjoy a medicine free life with my family.”


Healthy Meals Customers

“Can’t say enough great things about this meal plan. Chef Veronica offers a wonderful variety of foods all great tasting and geared toward improving your health and good nutrition. I started the weekly meals in late September, after I was told by my Rheumatologist to consider a plant based diet to improve negative impact of inflammation caused by my RA. My intention was to improve my health and not for weight loss. 2+ months later and I have lost over 5 pounds, feel great, and yes, the ill effects of the inflammation are definitely improved since I started eating Chef Veronica’s delicious meals. I’m not a huge vegetable lover but she prepares them in a way that you forget your eating vegetables. In addition, she also offers low carb high protein options for people like me that are not a fan of vegetables. I highly recommend this meal plan for anyone who wants to start improving their overall health but isn’t willing to give up on great tasting food.”

Marlene A. G.

“Food made with love”

Janet G.

“This was so delicious…. loved the broccoli cauliflower… love my veggies even more when you prep them!”
“I absolutely loved this one… but then again I think I have loved every meal so far!”

Christina B.

“Chef Veronica everything I had this week was amazing”

Mirita S.

“Trying Chef Veronica. Lunch !!! Delicious !! Thank you !!!!!”

Erica N.

“By far the most delicious and healthiest meals my family have order the past few weeks. No problem in finding my kids thar healthy meal again thanks to Chef Veronica”


“Chef Veronica is fantastic!! I highly recommend her!”

Raisa R.

“Lunch was delicious! I love eggplant and the way u prepare it is really flavorful.”

Marlene G.

“If you’re looking for healthy, delicious meals try Chef Veronica. That lasagna was delicious. We loved it.”

Noelia M.

Holiday Specials

“Thank you Chef Veronica for every single dish and pie you made for my family. Everything was made with so much love! There are not enough words of appreciation to how stress free this Thanksgiving was for me because of you. The Blanco Family is forever grateful for you.”

Arianna B.

“Another vote for Chef Veronica. Best pies ever. My parents called me this week to be sure I ordered 3 Bc 2 wasn’t enough last year. Lol”

Dianne J.

“Chef Veronica – excellent pies!!!”

Cary G. M.

“Thank you for making our pecan pie. It’s was beautiful n delicious!!”

Marilynn N.

Lunchbox Customers

“This was a hit at our house!! Not only do these lunchboxes resolve my lunch issue but they make dinner so much easier since my girls are not starving by evening. I’ve got more time to prepare dinner and can make it a lot more simple since they had a ‘gourmet’ lunch..”
“We are loving our lunchboxes. Kids love the food.. I love the idea that they’re eating good meals and fueling themselves in a healthy way!!”

Chris M.

“My daughter loves her lunches”

Noelia T.

“Amazing chef… amazing food. The kids just love and my son who is a very picky eater is actually trying new things! Thank you so much Veronica”

Janine H.

“Emmy was thrilled with the box. She was so excited about the pen as per her ‘portions were perfect everything was delicious’ she was super happy.”
“Lunches were a great success here in our household!!! Taste. Portions. Presentation. All excellent.”

Cristina L.

“Perfect amount of food. The black beans were delicious. Loved seeing them eat foods that are the colors of the rainbow”

Arianna B.

“Esse menu está maravilhoso!! Comi 2 desses wraps com jam & peanut butter hj… nossa que maravilha!”
“This menu is wonderful!! I had 2 PB&J wraps today… and wow they were fabulous!”

Luciana N.

“These lunch boxes are indeed a hit. My younger son is a very picky eater and the has been enjoying all your delicious meals since the beginning of school.”
“Thanks for the wonderful meals and also saving me time from making lunch for them daily.”

Reuben M.

“Trying Chef Veronica. Lunch !!! Delicious !! Thank you !!!!!”

Erica N.

“My kids enjoyed the meals today.. saved me time to prepare a meal for them.. very delicious and healthy meals by Chef Veronica… and delivery as well”
“As usual my son (who is a picky eater) enjoyed this meal.. thanks Chef Veronica for making delicious meals delivered to our doorstep”

Janine M.

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