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Eating well can be simple

Healthy meals made easy for you

Why I am passionate about healthy foods

I discovered the great benefits of consuming whole foods for my health. I lost weight, am rarely ill and got tons more energy.

I decided to dedicate my life to help others experience great health and the results!

I was once in your shoes and know how you feel, how frustrating it is to not be able to provide healthy food options for yourself and your family.

I will help you plan, shop for, and prepare healthy meals — and understand that You can do this. It takes more than handing you a list of healthy foods and recipes.
I will guide you and hold your hand during this process and make sure you are supported.

We will do this together and you will be enjoying a healthier lifestyle sooner than you can imagine.

By learning how to prepare and cook ingredients in a new way you will be able to nurture your body with the right food and offer healthy meals to those you love.
When you apply my proven techniques you will save time in the kitchen, feel strong and get more energy to live life on Your terms.

You don’t have enough time to cook!

You want to eat healthy!

You are stuck in unhealthy eating habits!

You are running out of dietary options!

You want to add more variety to your meals!

What you learn with chef Veronica

To maximize your Cooking time

To make healthy meals simple and easy, with great flavor

All about ingredients and how to combine them

To have fun when cooking

Chef Veronica’s Offer

Private 1:1 Cooking Classes

  • In the convenience of Your home
  • Only natural and whole ingredients
  • Easy and Delicious recipes with lots of flavor
  • How to use Natural Foods to increase your energy levels, feel joy and happiness

How we’ll do it

  • 2 hour Sessions
  • Fun and Educational Private Classes (kids are welcome)
  • provide the ingredients for you
  • We cook together in the comfort of your home
  • Morning, Afternoon or Evening Sessions
  • Have a great time while learning
Level 1

All about the Ingredients

Cooking Techniques 101

Soups and Salads

Juicing and Healthy Snacks

Level 2

Breakfast Club

Fish & Co.

Bowls and Bowls

Exquisite Hors d’oeuvres

Level 3

Asian Fusion

Mexican Favorites

Healthy Italian

Only Vegan

Popular recipes from my blog

GUT HEALTH – Microbiome

GUT HEALTH – Microbiome

Let’s talk about your Guts and Microbiome.A lot it’s been said about this topic, but once again, so much information can be confusing. Your gut microbiome is an extremely important part of you and is key to many aspects of health — digestion, immune function, even...

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10 cool Nutrition Tips for your Kids

10 cool Nutrition Tips for your Kids

As you know by now, I’m passionate about communicating the Healthy Eating message to the world. I positively believe that we are what we eat and that food has a very big impact on our health and the way we feel. And we Must communicate this message to the younger...

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Alimentación Saludable para Niños

Alimentación Saludable para Niños

For my Spanish speaking readers... Cómo lograr que los niños coman una dieta balanceada y saludable? Esta es una pregunta que me han muchísimas veces a lo largo de los años.Es algo que parece muy complicado pero en realidad es fácil de implementar, solo requiere...

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Cooking Whole Grains is easy

Cooking Whole Grains is easy

I love Whole Grains and I can’t hide it. I like the texture; I feel better when I eat them. I get full faster and stay full for a longer time avoiding unnecessary snacks. My body works more regularly because of the fiber they contain. So it’s a win/win situation. I am...

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Success Stories

“Chef Veronica was recommended by a family member to cater a special event. I was very pleased with the overall experience. Her food was excellent, everyone enjoyed it. She was very professional and well organized. I would highly recommend Chef Veronica.”

Karen C.

"I have been a picky eater since I was a kid. Most of my life I avoided certain ingredients that I “believed” I didn’t like and ate a very basic diet. That led me to develop some cholesterol and gain some weight.
Chef Veronica made me understand how important it is to eat a balanced diet and provide my body with all the nutrition found in whole ingredients.
She has opened my mind and expanded my horizons about food and the impact it has on the way I feel and the things I want to achieve.
By adding more vegetables and color to my diet and understanding I can eat everything I want in moderation, I was able to get rid of the cholesterol drugs and enjoy a medicine free life with my family."


Picky eater since childhood
"We have worked with Chef Veronica in many occasions. Every time, she is professional, clean and leaves us with delicious food to savor. We have tasted pies, made sushi and had numerous other delectable dishes. We highly recommend anyone wanting to be catered, taught or fed to use her services."

Cristina S.

Mother of 5
“Verónica, quiero darte unas gracias muy especiales. Me encantó tu clase, tienes el conocimiento y la habilidad para transmitirlo de una manera muy amena. Eres muy limpia, muy organizada, muy metódica. Tienes todos los elementos para llegarle a la gente. Me encanta como le pones especial importancia al color. Felicitaciones!!!”
“Veronica, I would like to share with you a very special Thank You note. I loved your class, you have the knowledge and the ability to transmit it in a very pleasant way. You are very clean, very organized, very methodical. You have all the elements to reach people and deliver a great message.
I love how you place special importance on color. Congratulations!!”


Directora , Grupo Transformate Tu
"By learning how to cook and eat whole foods I was able to provide great nutrition to my family.
I now have happy kids that enjoy a healthy life. They are excited to eat a lot of different color food and they even help me create some of the meals. We avoid trips to the Dr. and unnecessary pains.
My family enjoys happy dinner nights and we learn together how all these ingredients are affecting our bodies."


Mom of 3 kids and a picky husband
"I had a lot of health issues, from inflammation to pre diabetes, psoriasis and overweight.
By getting organized in the kitchen and learning key secrets on how to prep, I was able to eat homemade nutritious food on a daily basis. I gain more energy and clarity. I lost weight in a smooth and gradual way and gain confidence in the kitchen."


Busy mom of 2

About me

20 years of experience in the kitchen

Former Pastry Chef – Le cordon blue

Mother of 3 challenging kids, I know picky eaters

Passionate about Nature and whole foods

“Everything we eat has a big impact on our health

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